If you have dental insurance, your dental insurance plan likely enables you to choose your own dentist. (if you're wondering if we accept your dental insurance, please read this). By choosing your own dentist, your plan provides you with the opportunity to seek dental treatment at an office with the philosophy of caring and excellence that you expect, and that is located near your home or business which can save you time and money. 

We are happy to process any insurance claim as a service to you at no charge. Through insurance verification, we obtain a breakdown of your plan benefits for you. At no additional cost, we can explain how your plan works and how you can use that plan in our office in order to maximize all the benefits that you have. To avoid misunderstandings and to help you make informed decisions, we would like to provide you with an explanation about dental insurance.

Your dental insurance benefits are based upon a contract between only your employer and the insurance company--not our office. The amount of coverage is determined by the type of plan your employer has purchased for you. It is most effective for you to contact your employer or insurance company directly with concerns or complaints regarding those benefits. Most insurance plans (if not all) have not increased the yearly limit of their coverage since the inception of dental insurance decades ago. Your premiums have increased, but your benefits have not even kept pace with inflation. Please keep in mind that your insurance plan is not designed to pay all charges, but simply provides some assistance to you.

We believe it is important to keep in mind that although an insurance company may state that their plan provides "100%" or "80%" coverage for certain services, they do not specify the fee they allow for these services or other actual limitations. Your insurance company may explain to you that our fees are higher than "usual and customary". These "usual and customary" fees are kept secret, have usually not been updated in many years, and are not the same fees charged in our or in other offices. We are proud that our fees reflect the time that we spend with each patient as well as the overall quality of care and service that we provide in our practice. 

For more information regarding how dental insurance works, you can visit the ADA's website or if you should have any further questions about how your insurance can be utilized and maximized in our office, call us today at (847) 955-9500.
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