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Our goal is to create results that surpass our patients' expectations, while at the same time exceeding our own high standards for esthetics, comfort and proper function.

The following library of actual before/after cases were completed by Drs. Theodore and Samantha Cho. Please visit our gallery often as we will always be adding new and exciting cases to show.


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This patient was not pleased with the space between his upper front central incisors, the crowding of his lower front teeth, and his overbite.
By utilizing the Invisalign system of clear aligners, Dr. Cho corrected this patient's overbite and beautifully aligned his upper and lower teeth without using metal brackets and wires.
This patient was feeling cold and sweets sensitivity, and was concerned about the discoloration and decay on her lower molar.
By utilizing a tooth-colored filling, Dr. Cho conservatively restored the decayed parts of this patient's tooth; recreating the original shape and color.

This patient came to our office unhappy with the color and shape of his front upper left central incisor. He was also concerned that the tooth appeared to loosen in recent years. Further examination of the tooth revealed a dissolving root caused by a traumatic injury.
Unfortunately, the tooth could not be saved due to the severely dissolved root. After the tooth was removed and the bone was allowed to heal, the patient chose to have an  implant replace his missing tooth.
By utilizing a single tooth implant, our patient was able to smile again!
This patient came to our office unhappy with the numerous small spaces between her upper and lower, front and back teeth.
By using the Invisalign system of clear orthodontic aligners, Dr. Cho closed all the spaces in this patient's mouth without using metal brackets or wires.
This patient came to our office unhappy with the spaces between her upper front teeth (specifically, the way her two front upper teeth splayed and rotated from each other, her overbite, and the chip on her right upper lateral incisor.
By using Invisalign, Dr. Cho closed the spaces between her upper front teeth, and corrected her overbite in approximately nine months. After the Invisalign treatment was completed, Dr. Cho repaired the chip on her lateral incisor using a tooth-colored filling.
During a routine exam, Dr. Cho noticed an old filling loosening due to decay.
After removing the patient's old tooth-colored filling and the decay underneath, a new, more durable material was placed. The patient was very happy with the highly esthetic result.
This patient had a porcelain onlay fabricated by her previous dentist. The onlay eventually cracked and was partially repaired with an incompatible tooth-colored filling material.
Dr. Cho removed the old onlay, the decay underneath and  prepared the tooth for a new porcelain crown. The patient was very pleased with the final esthetic result.
This patient came to our office unhappy with the overall  condition of her lower front teeth and, due to cavities, the poor fit of her existing lower partial denture.
By fabricating new porcelain crowns for the lower front teeth, Dr. Cho dramatically improved the overall health, esthetics and function of the teeth while creating strong anchors for a securely fitting, new lower partial denture.