We believe it is important to not only provide the highest quality dental care, but to make this care within your reach. We offer an array of flexible financial arrangements that fit your lifestyle and keep payments convenient and, most importantly, affordable. We are fully committed to helping you receive the dental care you desire and deserve, and providing the most pleasant dental experiences possible.

1. Payment in full at the time of visit with cash, personal check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). We will gladly process any insurance claim for your direct reimbursement.

2. Estimated co-payment at the time of visit with cash, personal check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) with most insurance plans following benefit verification. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee this estimate and that there may be a balance after insurance pays. (Why?). If you prefer this payment option we will require credit card information on file to apply to any balance or credit that remains. 

3. Flexible, no interest monthly payments that fit your lifestyle available through CareCredit (Apply Now) and Citi Health Card (Apply Now).

Please note that Citi Health Card requires you to select and type very simple information prior to filling out your application online:

1. Click this link to begin the Citi Health Card application process.
2. Find the drop down menu "Search by" and select "Practice Name".
3. Type in "arbor hills dental care" in the text box directly to the right of the "Search by" drop down menu.
4. Find the drop down menu "Provider type" and select "Dental". Your screen should look like the following:

5. You do not have to enter the zip code in the "ZIP code" box as this may create an error message.
6. Click "Search".
7. Select "Arbor Hills Dental Care" and click "Continue".
8. Click "Apply Now" and a new window with the online application will open.

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We are happy to process any insurance claim as a service to you at no charge. Please keep in mind that any estimate that we provide to you is only an estimate and that you are responsible for all fees in their entirety. 

We are proud that our fees reflect the time that we spend with each patient as well as the overall quality of care and service that we provide in our practice.